Wired Networks

Compared to wireless, wired networks are a whole different level of security, speed and reliability. Whereas with a wireless network an intruder can sit outside the building and penetrate your network, with a wired network an intruder must either try to penetrate a firewall, or physically enter your building and attach a computer to the network to attack the system. Wired networks can range from either the comparatively slow Ethernet, to high speed Ethernet, to fiber cabling for mass data transfer. There are also some organizations that are running obsolete networks with coax, but today's Ethernet is considered the minimum standard. Wired Gigabit rate Ethernet over Category 6 twisted pair is fast, reliable and cost effective. Fiberoptic systems can move data even faster. Panther recommends running your organizations network on a wired infrastructure with a separate wireless network for visitors on notebooks, generally.

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