Encryption and Privacy Protection

Every organization has the need for privacy. Protecting trade secrets and customer information is a consideration in overall network structure. A secure network is the first step. Hard-drives that contain sensitive data can be encrypted. Additionally, sensitive information discarded should be electronically shredded. Old hard drives should be wiped. Sensitive Emails can be sent securely: Popular protocols for e-mail encryption include:

  • OpenPGP
  • S/MIME
  • TLS
  • Identity based encryption
  • Mail sessions encryption

Keeping your network free of viruses and other malware will help protect privacy.

Telnet should not generally be used for remote administration as it transmits in clear text. A better option would the SSH protocol for remote administration.

A secure form of FTP is also advised, as FTP also transmits in clear text.

There are many types of encryption and privacy protection, let us know what you need for your business.

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